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Comprehensive waterproofing for concrete elements that will withstand severe hydrostatic pressures.

Powdered, cement-based compound, selected fine-grained silica sand and special additives based on nanotechnology.

Thanks to its formulation, a chemical reaction is generated that gives rise to an integral and permanent solution for waterproofing concrete elements at an early age.


  • To fully waterproof concrete elements such as cisterns, pools, tanks, treatment plants, docks, dams and concrete structures that will come into contact with water.
  • Preventive solution against saltpeter attack and corrosion to reinforcing steel (Prevents water or other chemical substances from flowing into the concrete).


  • The required amount of FESTER CR-NANOTECH® ADMIX is 2% of the cement weight of the mix.


  • It can be used preventively as an integral concrete additive.


  • 20 kg bucket


  • Grey


  • Solves water leaks in the treated elements in advance.
  • It forms an integral and permanent part of the concrete.
  • Formula reinforced with water-repellent active ingredients.
  • Excellent impermeability to water even in severe hydrostatic pressure conditions.
  • It progressively seals capillaries and fissures up to 0.4 mm and its water-repellent technology allows for rapid waterproofing.
  • Increases final compressive strength by 10%
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    Envase de Fester CR Nanotech Admix 3 aditivo nanomolecular. Aplicación de Fester CR Nanotech Admix 3 en mezcla de concreto. Superficie de concreto mejorada con Fester CR Nanotech Admix 3. Detalle del aditivo nanomolecular Fester CR Nanotech Admix 3. Mejora de la resistencia del concreto con Fester CR Nanotech Admix 3.