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CF 1000

  • 385ml cartridge

    • Ultra resistance for industrial and structural applications up to 4 tons.

    • Easy and practical application

    • High adhesion to concrete even in underwater applications

    • Anchor or fix metallic elements inside perforations in concrete elements.

    • Structural connections.

    • Placement of beams and foundation columns.

    • underwater applications

    • does not shrink

    • Ideal for diamond type drilling

  • Supports up to four tons on A4-70 zinc galvanized 5.8 steel threaded bolts on type B25 concrete.
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    Envase de Fester CF1000 Anclaje adhesivo epóxico. Aplicación de Fester CF1000 Anclaje en refuerzo estructural. Superficie fijada con Fester CF1000 Anclaje. Detalle del adhesivo epóxico Fester CF1000 Anclaje. Refuerzo de anclajes con Fester CF1000 Anclaje.