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CF 890

  • 300ml cartridge


    • fast cured

    • Easy and practical application

    • Vibration resistance

    • Supports up to 1 ton

    • Fixing of blacksmithing in general

    • Fixing elements for air conditioning systems


    • easy to apply

    • Supports up to 1 ton*

    • Resistance to light vibrations

  • Supports up to one ton on A4-70 zinc galvanized 5.8 steel threaded studs on type B25 concrete.
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$ 406.68 MXN
    Envase de Fester CF890 Anclaje adhesivo epóxico. Aplicación de Fester CF890 Anclaje en refuerzo estructural. Superficie fijada con Fester CF890 Anclaje. Detalle del adhesivo epóxico Fester CF890 Anclaje. Refuerzo de anclajes con Fester CF890 Anclaje.