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  • 24 kg bucket


    • Grey

    • White

    • It forms a permanent part of the concrete.

    • Formula reinforced with water-repellent active ingredients.

    • Excellent impermeability to water even in severe hydrostatic pressure conditions.

    • NANO-ACTIVES penetrate (up to 30 cm) through the pores and capillaries of the concrete.

    • Increases the final compressive strength by 5%

    • To waterproof cisterns, pools, tanks, treatment plants, docks, dams and concrete structures in which there will be contact with water.

    • Corrective solution against saltpeter attack and concrete corrosion.

    • It can be used as a waterproof coating solution for newly hardened concrete, or with severe seepage problems.
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$ 5,175.50 MXN
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$ 5,175.50 MXN
    Envase de Fester CR99 Nanotech impermeabilizante cementoso. Aplicación de Fester CR99 Nanotech en superficie de concreto. Superficie impermeabilizada con Fester CR99 Nanotech. Detalle del impermeabilizante cementoso Fester CR99 Nanotech. Protección de concreto con Fester CR99 Nanotech