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    • 4L jar

    • 19L bucket

    • Drum 200L

    • A primer for all asphalt and precast waterproofing systems.

    • Extra-fast drying of 2 hours vs. 4 hours for Fester Hidroprimer @25°C & 50 HR

    • 20% higher yield vs. Fester Hidroprimer, yields up to 6 m2/L undiluted.

    • 80% Higher yield vs Fester Microprimer, yields up to 35 m2/L.

    • Solvent-free product, recommended for indoor applications and on wet surfaces.

    • Improves the adherence of the waterproofing vs. other products on the market.

    • It can be applied on dry or damp (not wet) surfaces.

    • As a primer for the following waterproof systems: Fester MIP (Prefabricated Waterproof Mantle APP or SBS), Fester Vaportite 550, Fester Microseal 2F, Fester Microfest, Fester Microlastic, Fester Imperfest E.

    • For asphalt sealers: Fester Plastic Cement and Fester Elastofest.

    • Extra fast drying, so the application can be walked on in ~25 minutes and without the risk of staining or contaminating the areas already finished with the waterproof system.

    • The application is faster, more comfortable and safer than with a solvent-based product.

    • Seals concrete, mortar or other surfaces, recommended for porous and absorbent surfaces.

    • Good adhesion on metal, galvanized or painted surfaces.

    • High penetration in elements with open pores, favoring the adherence of waterproof systems.

    • It allows waterproofing even in the rainy season, as long as the area to be treated is superficially dry (from one day to the next) to avoid bags or bubbles derived from humidity inside the concrete.

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    Envase de Fester Hidroprimer Plus WB primer impermeabilizante. Aplicación de Fester Hidroprimer Plus WB en superficie de concreto. Superficie preparada con Fester Hidroprimer Plus WB. Detalle del primer impermeabilizante Fester Hidroprimer Plus WB. Protección contra la humedad con Fester Hidroprimer Plus WB.